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Here at AASP Recovery, we’ve built a reputation on reliability, affordability and quality. We’ve taken all the services offered by your typical big names in car recovery, and we’ve gone one better to provide car recovery you can trust at a price that won’t break the bank. We offer our fantastic car recovery and breakdown service because we’ve been there and we know millions of others have, as well.

When your car breaks down you’re often in a hurry, or far from home, or having a tough day. Even in the best of situations your stress levels will rise when you break down at the roadside. Your mind will be racing as you wonder how you’ll get home and how much repairs will cost, and if you don’t have a breakdown assistance contract the pressure will really be on to find a service you can rely on. That’s us.

Car Breakdown Recovery Area

AASP Area Map

With our two depots covering the north and south of Cambridgeshire, AASP Recovery offer the very best recovery service in Peterborough, Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

We don’t just offer recovery, we will attempt to fix your vehicle on the roadside if possible, and if not, our large, modern, and affordable service centre (or any other garage you may prefer!) will be our next stop! Rest assured, we’ll do our utmost to fix your vehicle as quickly as possible to get you moving again.

Call us on 01733 221024 and we’ll be right with you, offering you the service you would expect from the small company with the big heart!

Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Costs

Our cars usually break down when we can least afford it. You’ve got enough to worry about already, and you don’t need the added expense. We know your car can be a drain on your budget, so here at AASP Recovery we keep our prices as low as possible to help you stay in control.

We don’t charge over the odds for services that are completely necessary, and we won’t make you pay for any work we don’t do. There are too many companies aiming to send you on your way with your purse or wallet considerably lighter… at AASP Recovery, we focus on a job well done that won’t cost too much, and that will save you money in the long run.

About AASP Recovery – Vehicle Breakdown Recovery

When your vehicle breaks down, you won’t have time to search through directories and question people on their qualifications. We know that you need a service fast, but we understand that you’ll also want someone that knows what they’re doing. Your car is a delicate thing, and when things aren’t working properly you’ll want someone that can solve the problem quickly, and that can leave your car safe, roadworthy and ready to continue onwards. Our team of car recovery and breakdown experts are prepared for the job at any time of the day or night, and they’re experienced in dealing with a wide range of car breakdown issues and faults. Even if your car needs specialist parts or services, they’ll get it to the most appropriate place so that you can be sure it’ll be fixed as soon as possible.

When you think of roadside assistance, car recovery and breakdown services, our name probably isn’t the first, second or even the third to come into your mind. Yet, when it comes to car recovery in and around Peterborough we simply can’t be beaten. The major players may baffle you with their talk of having the UK’s largest fleet of roadside recovery vehicles, but at AASP Recovery we know size isn’t everything. To the largest corporations, you’re an ID number on a card. You’re yet another broken down vehicle, and you’re nothing more than your membership fee. Being a smaller car recovery firm, we treat you as an individual and offer a tailored service. Our goal isn’t to rush on to the next job – we stay with you until we’ve done everything we can. You’re not one of thousands of members lining our pocket with a regular monthly or annual fee – you’re in need of a service, and we provide it.

Customer Reviews

Brilliant servive thanks would recommend to anyone

5 5 1
AASP were very polite and helpful on the phone and had someone with me in the time they give me with time to spare fixed my car on the side of the road and sent me on my way within half hour brilliant team work well together THANKS AASP

wow this is what i call service

5 5 1
I phoned the RAC 30 mins later AASP recovery arrived at my car after explaining to me my belt was broken the fitted me a new one at the side of the road. Within an hour I was back on the road.

AASP fixed my car by the side of the road

5 5 1
AASP fixed my car by the side of the road when I had a flat battery. Good rates too. I’d definitely recommend them.

Great help when it’s needed most. ASSP were very helpful recovering my car from a ditch and making

5 5 1
Great help when it’s needed most. ASSP were very helpful recovering my car from a ditch. I really appreciated the personal attention they gave me – they are a very hard working team and a friendly bunch of people. On top of that they didn’t charge like a wounded rhino, unlike some garages that I have seen in the past. They would be the first people I would call again in an emergency. Excellent work!


5 5 1
The RAC sent ASSP who were very quick to help me when my car broke down on the A47. Thank you for getting me moving again without spending hours on side of the road.

with in the hour

4 5 1
I called my insurance company when my windscreen wipers stopped working in the middle of heavy summer rain, AASP responded rapidly. The AASP crew were very courteous and cheerful despite the atrocious weather conditions. AASP helped me safely back onto the road within an hour at a minimal cost. Many thanks.

Fantastic service

5 5 1
Me and my partner used AASP recovery only early hours this morning, after breaking down just outside peterborough, AASP were absolutely fantastic the lady on the phone was very polite and put our minds at ease, not only was this service cheap but our truck came within 20 minutes! The recovery man although we didn't catch his name was superb, friendly and very polite man.. An older man with beard I don't know what your name was but you were a star thankyou. All round AASP recovery I would with out a doubt use again, and highly recommend to anyone stuck!.

Thank you!

5 5 1
Just wanted to say thank you to the guy that recovered us this bank holiday monday (it might have been Tom?) He was polite, friendly, making conversation, letting us choose the music and a great over all response time! Thought he was lovely! Thank you